broken social scene @ rio - last gig ever

+ they had to break up so they could fix us

kc accidental

texico bitches

7/4 (shoreline)

fire eye'd boy

cause = time

all to all

stars and sons

late nineties bedroom rock for the missionaries

shampoo suicide

anthems for a seventeen year old girl



the world at large [modest mouse cover]

world sick

sweetest kill

lover's spit

ibi dreams of pavement (with chaz bundick) / killing in the name

- they went offstage for 2 seconds

almost crimes

meet me in the basement

- they left again for a minute

looks just like the sun

it's all gonna break

i still haven't found what i'm looking for / funky boss / major label debut (fast)

pacific theme

↖ me

that was one full moon i shall never ever forget
i hope the band feels as lucky as we do to have ended like this

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